About Jerry Lagadec

I immediately fell in love with The Native American Flute after I blew the first note. There’s something about its rich tonality that automatically evokes a meditative, tranquil state of mind, a much needed remedy for these stressful times. Using the music of Steve Coburn as a lush tapestry for this instrument, I’ve been able to create a synergy between poetry and sound called “Words, Wind, and Wood” that utilizes all the sound shades of this ancient instrument. Listen to “Shaman’s Dream” in the ambient section of this site.

I’ve been playing guitar and writing songs for longer than I want to remember. I realize that labels are comforting and facilitate categorization, but I am uncomfortable with them. I’ll let others do that, if necessary. I am a percussive, rhythmic guitarist. My songs are a mixture of acoustic rock, jazz, and folk with lyrics that I have honed for years. I will be adding additional examples on this site. I like to tell stories and stay honest. I hope you like a few of them? Let me know. Thanks.